Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ray Mears Wild Food

Quite a few people in the past have asked me if this blog was inspired at all by the Ray Mears Wild Food book/tv program, and to a certain extent I admit I was, although I do already have a healthy interest in different kinds of wild foods anyway.

For those of you who don't know anything about Ray Mears, he is a leading survival expert who has written many books and presented many television programs on the subject of survival.

In the past few months there was a TV program presented by Ray Mears with Gordon Hillman, a fellow expert on wild foods. There was also a book written by the pair, upon the same subject and title. In the program they tried to uncover the kinds of wild foods that people would have been feeding on in ancient Britain, travelling around the United Kingdom to recreate the act of foraging and then preparing any of the foods.

If you would like to purchase the Wild Foods book or DVD then feel free to do so by clicking on the Wild Food picture on the right hand side of the pages of this blog.

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Great information, are you going to start this blog up again?

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